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Can your RV score an A+?
A+ RV Inspections, Inc.
What Is an A+ RV Inspection?

An A+ RV Inspection is a home inspection for your RV which evaluates the safety, function, and form of your potential purchase. The points of inspection, which are listed in detail on the Services page, include an examination of potential life safety issues along with the functionality and appearance of appliances, electrical and water systems, slideouts, awnings, doors, windows, roof, sidewalls, and tires.

Why Do I Need an A+ RV Inspection?

RV systems can be more complex than those of brick and stick homes, and they are squeezed into much smaller spaces. This creates the potential for problems. Add the rigors of road travel, shoddy workmanship, or lack of maintenance, and major issues can appear.

For example, an inspection might reveal that the electrical systems were not appropriately wired, and a rig has an open ground. Or, perhaps a previous owner installed a shelf and inadvertently drove a screw through an electrical wire in the wall, causing an area of live voltage along the edge of the entryway door.

A sidewall inspection may reveal that one entire sidewall is delaminating, or that a slideout mechanism is failing.

An A+ RV Inspection may reveal the existence of a propane leak, a black water line leak, or faulty emergency exit windows.

Fluid analysis may reveal potential problems with the engine or transmission and alert you to an upcoming repair.

An A+ RV Inspection also evaluates the functionality of the RV appliances, alerting you before you purchase that the air conditioners may not be cooling efficiently or the refrigerator needs to be replaced.

These are just a few examples of how an A+ RV Inspection can inform your buying decision.

Sellers: If you are selling your RV, an A+ RV Inspection can give you a checklist of items to address before you put your rig on the market. If everything passes inspection, you have a professionally polished report from an objective third party to show your potential buyer.

How Do I Schedule My Inspection?

Send an email through the contact page. A+ RV Inspections, Inc. services Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and surrounding cities. (If you are outside of the DFW area, we may be able to refer you to someone in your area.)